Onsite Training Program

TTRC initiative of Onsite training Program at Factory premises is aimed at imparting training to the working personnel of industry at factory premises which facilitate in improving process on tape plants, looms, quality control in manufacturing operation etc. The duration of onsite training program typically varies from 1 week - 3 weeks depending upon size & operation of unit/industry.

The Typical course coverage during Onsite Training is as follows:

  • Material Formulation/recipe for producing tape for different denier (low denier to high denier tapes)
  • Process parameter optimization on tape plant for increasing productivity & quality improvement during tape plant production.
  • Die setting, cleaning procedure – basic maintenance aspect related to Die
  • Wastage control during changeover/ start up or shut down of tape plant
  • Process log sheet recording, online quality control checks ,recording etc.
  • Lab practical on MFI, Ash content tester (if available in the company), tape & fabric testing
  • Threading methodology on Looms
  • Parameter setting on Looms as per specification of fabrics
  • Calculation related to Weaving on looms
  • Terminology used in Loom section – GSM, GPM, Mesh etc.
  • Knowhow on Loom setting for different types of fabrics to achieve Quality, higher production & reduced Wastage
  • Basic maintenance aspects of looms
  • BCS/ valvomatic operation & settings (if available)

Contact us for details:- ttc@lohiagroup.com