Indian Raffia Sector Profile

Plastics raffia or Woven sack sector is one of the key segments of plastics processing industries in India, contributing in the growth of consumption of commodity plastics like polyethylene (PE) & polypropylene (PP). The Plastics Woven sack industry can be classified into following major product packaging categories depending upon the end use applications:

  • Polyolefin Woven Sacks/bags for packaging of Fertilizer, Cement, Food grain, Sugar, petrochemical products, poultry/animal feed/agricultural produces, resins & chemicals etc.
  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC)
  • Tarpaulins of different types & applications
  • Leno bags for fruit & vegetable packaging
  • Wrapping fabrics
  • Other tailor made applications of woven fabrics in Postal, parcel, courier, good transportation/shipping/logistic areas etc.
  • Geotextiles/agri-textiles

As per estimates in 2016, around 2.0 Million tons of PE & PP materials consumed by Raffia sector (including masterbatches,additives used in the processing of polymers) in India, accounting for 20% of total polymer consumption in the country.

Size of the sector

The size of the raffia industry is estimated by means of financial turnover of raffia products under different category, as per report of Baseline survey of technical textiles, by Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India in 2014. Accordingly, the raffia sector products are mainly grouped in Packtech, Agrotech, Geotech etc., details are as follows:

(All figures in Rs. Crore)
Productions Imports Exports Domestic Consumption Market Size
Polyolefin woven sacks (excluding FIBC) 9008 42 323 8726 9050
FIBC 3200 9 1542 1667 3209
Leno Bags 800 - 6 794 800
Wrapping Fabric 2150 - - 2150 2150

HDPE Tarpaulin: Rs 1426 Cr
Geo Textiles, related woven products: Rs 232 Cr
Others (Woven - not classified above): Rs 1333 Cr

India’s raffia industriesisorganized in terms of operation but are labor-intensive with larger number of requirements of Loom operators (60% of total strength), winder man, tape plant operators, conversion machine like BCS / Volvomatic machine operators etc. This sector consist of about 1200 industries across India with installed capacity of around 3 million tons. In terms of number of machines there are around 1500 tape plants, 42000 looms & CAGR of raffia sector is estimated between 5-6 %.

Geographical Location

The raffia industries are spread across India with domination of western region of the country with 40 % of industries situated in Gujarat, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh. In UP, Kanpur is the major place of raffia industries concentration, NCR, Punjab & Haryana have concentrated areas where Raffia Industries are situated. In South India, Karnataka, Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh have reasonable number of raffia industries catering to the requirement of Cement, Fertilizer, cattle feed & rice packaging etc.

TTRC caters to the need of trained manpower requirement of all job roles in a platics woven sack manufacturing unit.
The typical organization chart of a Raffia Industry is given below