Operator Proficiency

TTRC conducts 16 week operator proficiency course (Loom, Tape Plant, Winder, BCS, Valvomatic) to address the need of trained manpower for the raffia industry. Objective of this program is to produce well trained /skilled operators for raffia industry which is important for machine productivity and quality of end-product.

Course Title Duration Entry Qualification
Operator Proficiency (Tapeline, Winder, Loom, BCS) 16 Weeks X / XII / ITI in any discipline

Course Coverage (Operator Program)
  • Technical know-how about plastics materials – properties grades and additives.
  • Extrusion process principle – screw and barrel details, output/Dia/L-D ratio/Compression ratio, drive motors, speed control etc.
  • Tape extrusion line – quenching, heating and orientation by stretching, annealing, winding, significance of tape terminology-tenacity, denier, tex etc.
  • Technical know-how about extrusion die, specific reference to T-die.
  • Practical on die setting and parameter setting on tape extrusion lines.
  • Practice on start-up and shut-down operation of tape line/circular looms/conversion, secondary process.
  • Exposure to basics of maintenance.
  • Industry orientation training and evaluation – 1 Month.

Note :-
Candidates will have to appear for a test followed by an interview.