Supervisor Development Program

Lohia’s TTRC offers 12 week supervisor Development program (SDP) for diploma & engineering graduates who are trained in all disciplines of plastics woven sack manufacturing. Supervisors trained from the program can work in any department like tape plant production, Loom, Quality etc.

Course Title Duration Entry Qualification
Supervisor Development Program (SDP) 12 Weeks Graduate in Science/Engineering or Diploma
(Mechanical, Electrical, Plastics, Textile or Equivalent)

Course Coverage (SDP)
  • Plastic Materials and Additives
    Basic polymer science and chemistry of polymers, plastics, structure- property relationship with specific reference to polyolefin (PP,PE) additives significance vis-a vis raffia woven sack industry.
  • Plastic Processing Techniques
    Specific reference to extrusion and cast film extrusion, T-die for tapes-Tapeline , significance of parameters in tape extrusion (Feeder to Winder).
  • Weaving Technology
    Principle of weaving, history and classification of weaving machinery, types of looms, single phase v/s multiple weaving machines, circular loom for the raffia industry.
  • Testing and Quality Control
    Significance of raw material and product testing, exposure to different test methods for materials tapes, fabrics as per BIS/ASTM/ISO.
  • Production Management for the Raffia Industry
    Basic aspect of production planning, extrusion and control, product costing/calculations, inventory control etc.

Note :-
Candidates will have to appear for a test followed by an interview.